Versailles Records 

The long awaited Aersosmith tribut cd Duces are wild, is in the stores now.  Also stay tuned for the next release of Guitar Heroes which will be on store shelves in the near future.  Enjoy the Aerosmith CD

On the Rocks Club 

Good to announce that the band 70 west will be rocking with us at the On the Rocks club in dublin.  Come out and share a  variety of rock tunes, with the bands.  Check out our gig page for more shows coming up.

Versailles Records news update 

Versailles records will be releasing a new cd titled Duces Wild.  A new aeerosmith tribute cd, which will include the song Moving Out as performed by SOUPBONE.  Stayed tuned for more info as to the release date.

Soupbone on a tour of Ohio 

It's been awhile since we have been out on the road.  The new CD is done and available for purchase.  Check out our gig page for a show near you.  We will be doing your favorite classic rock hits, plus songs from our Moo Pig Incedent CD.  Rock ON

Greetings to Iron Maiden fans..... 

The complete and uncut version of our tribute song Hallowed Be Thy Name can be streamed from the Tribute Tunes page. I wish there was more metal music on the site but I guess we have been checking out our mellower side. I'll try to kick Evan in the ass to write some harder stuff.

New Feature... Side Projects. 

We have added a new feature to the site. This is the Side Projects page. Sometimes one or another of the Soupbone guys needs some "Pizza" time and dissapears for a while. Todays offering is The Baldwin Funster Appreciation Society.

**WARNING** All Points Bulletin 

We don't want to alarm you but there is something you should know about. A new 5 song EP has just escaped our song lab. To avoid worldwide panic we are asking that you don't tweet all of your friends about this. It is imperative that you don't post info about this emergency on your facepage, mybook or any other social media sites. Further details can be obtained on our Music/Tuneage page.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Versailles Records / Soupbone press release. 

New 'Guitar Wizards' CD Series to Feature Damon Johnson, Jake E Lee, Bernie Mardsen, George Lynch, Gilby Clarke, Other Stars (Such as Soupbone Lead Guitarist - Walford Lehner)!!

December 7, 2012 - In the Spring of 2013, Versailles Records will release the first 2 volumes of an exciting new series 'GUITAR WIZARDS Book I/II and III/IV', showcasing many of the country's hottest 6-string stars, including solos from such rock/metal greats as Damon Johnson (Brother Kane, Thin Lizzy), Jake E Lee (Ozzy Osbourne Band, Badlands), Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper Band, Ratt, LA Guns, Slash’s Snakepit, etc), Jimmy Crespo (Aerosmith), Bernie Marsden (Whitesnake), Blues Saraceno (Poison), George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), Gilby Clarke (Guns N Roses, Heart, MC5), Ira Black (Metal Church, Lizzy Borden) on a track that also features Chris Slade (AC/DC), and Chris Poland (Megadeth), Glen Alvelais (Testament), and Jan Hammer (Miami Vice Theme Writer) among others, as well as lead solo-heavy originals from a wildly-talented collection of players around the world, including Soupbone Lead Guitarist - Walford Lehner, Richard Kendrick, Gary Schutt, David Reffett, Leaving Eden, Chris Johnson, Sean Gill, Arnold Marfoglia, Edward DiMenna, Eric J. Gosselin, Vid Payne, Mezzy Shredder, Aaron Seals, Atomick Cocktail, Blakenstein, Rob Burzon, The Beer Brothers, Monkeysoop, Leon Muhutdinov, Arctic Flame, MYSTIC FORCE, Erling Solem, Wicked Sins, Dead Man's Wake, Fredi Handshoe, Jason Rain, Peter Tripp, One World (R)evolution, Tony Rossi, Todd Gilmore, Scarlet Presence, Thiago Trinsi, Chris Garcia, Steve Pugh, Jason Daugherty, Richard Reynolds, Kevin Samuel, Authur Benitez, Eight Feet Deep, Jeff Terraglio, Vanja Tadic, David Russo, The Tequila Killers, Mike Stevenson, Jon Monter, Chuksingh, Michael Martinez, Robert Bussey, Nathaniel Villarreal, Conrad Swartz, Jeff Marcello, Shane Young, Stacy Noll, The Process, Steve Gregory, Mark Stowe, Don Denson, Bad Motherf#cker, Dana Roselli, Ernesto ‘Xtone’ Gerena, Ronny Gutierrez, Tom Kopyto, Dan Crenshaw of Garden of Eden, and Pete Pachio.....and Soupbone Lead Guitarist - Walford Lehner (in case you missed it) .


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